April 2020

The Importance of Symbolic Play and Its Link to Open-Ended Toys

By Frankie from @talk_and_play_mama What is Symbolic Play? Symbolic play is when a child uses objects to represent other objects in the world around them. Essentially, they are using their imagination and ‘pretending’. For example, when a child picks up two Connetix tiles and announces, “look at my new glasses!”, they are using the tiles as

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3 Unique Places To Use Magnetic Tiles

3 Unique Places To Use Your Connetix Tiles

By Lucy from @findthelittlemind We’ve been having a blast taking our magnetic tile play to a whole new level recently. Here are 3 unique places we’ve used our Connetix Tiles which the kids have loved.   Table Frame I was inspired by @mamapapabubba to use a table as a framework for building. I took the

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