By Lucy from @findthelittlemind

We’ve been having a blast taking our magnetic tile play to a whole new level recently. Here are 3 unique places we’ve used our Connetix Tiles which the kids have loved.


Table Frame

I was inspired by @mamapapabubba to use a table as a framework for building. I took the insert out of our Edx Education water and sand table and let the kids explore covering it with tiles.

This kids loved the challenge of deciding which tiles to use on the various pieces of framework. They definitely put the strength of the Connetix Tiles magnets to the test, and they held strong!

The other great thing about building with a table frame was that they could get inside it! This prompted so much imaginative play, at one point baby sis was flying the spaceship whilst big bro repaired its engine.

3 Unique Places To Use Your Connetix Tiles     3 Unique Places To Use Your Connetix Tiles

Oven Sheet

So this one is a little less grand, but the awesome thing about using an oven sheet to build on is that you can take it anywhere! I love setting big bro up with literacy and numeracy activities in our porch on an oven sheet, it’s such a refreshing way to learn.

This was a simple sight word activity we did recently where he had to read, build and write the sight word.

3 Unique Places To Use Your Connetix Tiles

Using magnetic tiles made this so much more engaging for him! He loved using our Wonder Stix to write on the tiles and oven sheet and then rub them clean after with a baby wipe.



Baby sis had so much fun decorating our railings on our outside stairs with our Connetix Tiles. It was such a novelty factor for her to get to build on a unique vertical surface, and the fact that it was outside was an even bigger bonus! You can read all the details in this separate blog.

3 Unique Places To Use Your Connetix Tiles

She carefully experimented with the different tile shapes and positions. She was so intrigued as to how they were ‘staying up’.

3 Unique Places To Use Your Connetix Tiles            

3 Unique Places To Use Your Connetix Tiles

The window tiles were definitely her favorite, we spent ages playing peek-a-boo and role playing an ice cream shop  .

3 Unique Places To Use Your Connetix Tiles

Have you used your magnetic tiles anywhere unique recently? I’d love to hear all about it in the comments.

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