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Coding With Connetix

Learn how Connetix can help your child explore foundational coding skills through play. Imagine a world where the literacy rate is only three per cent. It sounds kind of strange, right? What if, out of every hundred people, only three could read or write? Right now, in Australia, there are over 25 million people, yet

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Let’s Get Mathematical!

Learn how Connetix can help your child discover the joy of mathematics through play. If you’ve ever sat down and observed your toddler play, you might notice that they are great experimenters. They love to pick up new toys and see how they work. Your child may pick up a toy car and observe how

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How Connetix Support STEAM Learning

The world is evolving at a rapid pace. New technologies emerge constantly, and this means society has to adapt and develop new skills. This often requires an interdisciplinary approach. We need to teach children how subjects integrate and work together. They need to develop diverse skill sets and a passion for exploration and growth to

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Open-Ended Play and Connetix

When we think back to our early childhood, we can all remember playing intricate and incredibly creative games, in which we visited outer space, built castles and searched for magical crystals. There were no rules, and the only limit was our imagination. It turns out that this type of play was absolutely crucial to our

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Building with Your Child is Best for Healthy Development

When our children have the opportunity to take part in unstructured play with an adult who is genuinely invested in the activity, such as with Connetix Tiles, they can reap a number of benefits relating to boosts in their cognitive, physical, social, and emotional development with direct payoffs for the future. We know that unstructured

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20 Ways That Your Child Is Learning While Playing With Connetix

Ask any early childhood educator and they will tell you (actually let’s be real, they will probably launch into a passionate speech!) about the wonderful benefits of play on a child’s development. In fact, play is so important to a child’s development that it is actually recognized as a human right by the United Nations.

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