Puzzle play with Connetix is the perfect way to help your child learn and grow effortlessly. Children are designed to use play as a way to explore the world around them. They learn best from interactive tools and opportunities to use their imaginations. From mixing and matching to creating their own buildings, kids of all ages can benefit from playing with puzzles from Connetix.

By the age of 3, children are ready to reap the benefits of puzzle play. Learning colours, shapes, and visual-spatial reasoning all come from spending time puzzling. With Connetix, the bright colours and unique shape patterns are attractive to kids. Add the extra magnetic strength Connetix offers, and you get more construction ability than regular puzzle pieces. It’s like a puzzle with no limitations.

Puzzle play helps little ones develop all kinds of necessary skills for life that will benefit them into adulthood. It reaches across physical milestones to self-esteem and confidence. Engaging in puzzle play with your child is the epitome of educational fun. Here, we’ll break down each benefit of using Connetix for puzzle play with your family, in the classroom, and more!

Fine Motor Skills

For young children, building fine motor skills is extremely important. Things like holding a pencil, manipulating tools, and cooking will all require fine motor skills in the future. Developing fine motor skills starts with gasping smaller objects.

Connetix helps grow the tiny muscles in your child’s hands and wrists. Once these muscles are developed, usually by the time they begin school, they’ll have the ability to use crayons, scissors, and even type. By picking up the flat pieces and sticking and unsticking them together, these muscles have the chance to flourish.

Hand-Eye Coordination

Hand-eye coordination is the act of using the eyes and the hands to work together. Children develop this skill by using their eyes, making a decision, and following through with motions from their hands over and over. It can take a lot of practice at first, especially for very small children, but developing this skill is essential.

Puzzles are excellent for hand-eye coordination. Selecting a piece with their eyes, deciding where it will fit, and following through with their hands in a repeating fashion is the perfect way to practice. You can help your child by talking them through the motions but allowing them to follow through on their own.

Logical Reasoning

When playing with puzzles, kids tap into their problem-solving skills and logical reasoning. When a child sees that all the Connetix are all mixed up, their response might be to sort them. Maybe by colour, maybe by shape, or maybe they jump right into fitting the pieces together. Whichever way they choose to start is great, all that matters is that they start.

However they naturally begin to organise, they’re breaking the task down into smaller tasks first. They’re beginning to solve a problem and learning how to deal with unexpected results. Engaging in this type of play is great for building up strong logic and intuition for life.

Cognitive Thinking

In connection to logical reasoning, cognitive thinking is another way puzzles help the thinking mind. The repetitive action of building with Connetix solidifies the pathways in the child’s brain that control processing, analysing, evaluation, and more. Through puzzle play, the child is using reasoning and decision-making to fit the pieces together.

It’s amazing that something that seems so simple can have such a great impact on brain development. Every aspect of cognitive thinking is engaged when playing with puzzles. With every intriguing choice they make, they’re learning how the world works.


When children play with puzzles, they begin to use a new skill. Concentration is tough for small children. They’re so filled with so much energy it can be difficult to engage in tasks that take focus. However, if the task is engaging enough, they seem to be able to use the ability of concentration.

The bright colours and shapes of Connetix take it a step further with magnetization. Children are drawn to the magic of magnets. This will help them focus for longer and longer as they grow older. Again, repetition is important for kids of a young age. What starts as 5 minutes can easily increase to 20 and then 30 as they grow older.

Short-Term Memory

The uniquely coloured pieces of Connetix pieces are also crucial to enhancing short-term memory. Children are naturally drawn to bright colours and matching. You might find that after some time playing, your child begins to recognise which pieces fit together, which ones look alike, and which ones are the same colour.

This is all connected to short-term memory. When all the pieces are spread out on the floor, your child might see a blue square and remember that there is another blue square and put them together. This is your child using their short-term memory in action. In the future, they might use their memory to create masterpieces by knowing which pieces fit together best. It’s amazing.


If you’ve ever completed a project and felt like you conquered the world, then you know how good it feels to finish a task. By giving children task-oriented playthings, we’re giving them the opportunity to complete projects and feel amazing about themselves. With puzzle play, your child will experience the self-esteem boost that comes from creating, building, and problem-solving.

Building confidence in your child is one of the most fundamental undertakings of a parent. Encourage your little ones to do their best, praise them for their accomplishments, and engage in play with them to help build their self-esteem. Children with good self-esteem often perform better in school, in interpersonal relationships, and in their future jobs.

Puzzle Play Ideas

Here is some inspiration for ways you can use Connetix to create and explore puzzles:

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Play Today

These are just some of the incredible benefits to puzzle play with Connetix. Give your child the tools they need to learn, play, and grow all at the same time. Order your Connetix puzzles today and start playing!

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