Which magnetic tiles set should you buy (A Connetix Tiles Buyers Recommendation Guide)

By Kristy @today.our.children

Knowing what is the best Connetix magnetic tiles set to purchase can be confusing, especially if you are new to magnetic tiles play. As a teacher and mum of 2 (almost 3) littles, educational toys and resources are something I’m very familiar with purchasing! Having also held the professional responsibility of ordering resources on a large scale, I know all about being stumped by the questions “WHAT to buy?” followed with “HOW many will we need?”

Add onto this our love for Connetix magnetic tiles, and having gradually grown our own personal collection, I thought I’d share with you some insights into the Connetix Tile sets and what might be best to buy for you and your family.

First up, my #1 piece of advice is that the best starting point is to think about your children and how they (and YOU) like to play!


What Connetix magnetic tiles set will be better to buy first?

If this is your first magnetic tiles purchase, you may be wondering what Connetix set will be best to buy for your family. The key things to consider are:

  • HOW your children play,
  • How many children will be using the tiles, and also- how you would like to play and explore learning fun with the magnetic tiles.The 100 piece set offers the most variety in shapes and tiles – including fence pieces and rectangles. This would be a great option if you are considering a mixture of big builds, balls runs, small world play, learning activities, etc. It would also be a better starting point for families with multiple childrenIf you are not confident whether your child will like magnetic tile play, and foresee they will take time to learn about magnetic tile play, I’d recommend either the 62 piece set if you are planning for a mix of smaller scale builds and different types of play, or the 24 piece Motion Pack car set if you have a little vehicle lover who will enjoy wheels.


We have more than one child, how many magnetic tiles will I need?

How many Connetix magnetic tiles you will need really depends on the age of your children and how they play.

If you are looking to purchase one set, I’d recommend at least the 100 piece magnetic tiles set as it will offer the greatest opportunity for sibling play. Older children confident with magnetic tiles play (4+) will likely want to build bigger, colour match, and use the tiles in more versatile ways. If your children are both older, you will likely find you need more than one set of magnetic tiles if this is the case.

Please note: Connetix magnetic tiles are safety tested and approved for ages 3+. Always supervise younger children when playing with any toys/items that contain small parts.

My two are always reaching for the stars (or our roof) with Connetix Tiles play!

We have a set of Connetix magnetic tiles, what magnetic tiles set will be best to buy next?

If you want to build bigger with a mix of creative Connetix magnetic tiles fun and aren’t fussed about colours, another 100 piece magnetic tiles set will be most suitable.

Although a smaller set, the 62 piece magnetic tiles set will also offer a variety of tile shapes (excluding the fences and rectangles), but in a different colour range to the 100 piece set.

The 40 piece Expansion Set includes only squares and is a great option if you are mostly looking to build higher or extend your current creations (larger towers, rockets, ball runs, houses, etc). It also includes orange and green large magnetic tiles.

The Motion Pack 24 piece car set is perfect for those who have vehicle lovers! It comes with two car bases featuring real rubber wheels and a variety squares, windows, and rectangles, as well as an ideas book to kickstart your open-ended vehicle creations.

If you find you are building on carpet or unstable surfaces, the Base Plates launching later this month (September 2020), will allow you to build higher than ever before! Creating the perfect base to kickstart your creations, these large squares will also support larger multi-level constructions (i.e. doll houses, castles, houses, fire stations, rockets, towers).

Still unsure what magnetic tiles set to buy?

I highly recommend joining our Connetix Community Facebook group. You can ask Connetix Tiles users first hand of their first and subsequent purchases, see how their children and they themselves are playing and learning with Connetix Tiles, as well as getting advice from our team of educators and parents.

And my parting advice, just remember, as your children grow their skills and interests will expand and change (and likely so will your Connetix Tiles wish lists!) Connetix Tiles are a great gift idea to share with relatives and friends to help expand your collection.

Whatever you choose, you can’t go wrong with adding some Connetix magnetic tiles play to your lives!

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