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“…the most loved play resource in all our classrooms!”

We have been using Connetix magnetic tiles in our preschools for a few years now and they are (by far!) the most loved play resource in all our classrooms!!!

They are utilised during free play throughout the day, but are also a valuable tool for our table activities throughout sorting, patterns, investigations and more. Children are able to socialise, communicate, cooperate, problem solve and develop their investigative skills through play with Connetix.

The quality of Connetix tiles are second to none. We have trialled other competitors and our Connetix tiles have outlasted all others in our busy early learning classrooms.

I cannot speak highly enough of the value that Connetix add to our Preschool and Kindy classrooms and play experiences.

Lisa – Owner/Managing Director of Wise Preschool – Carine and Trigg, WA

“I highly recommend for every school and every class.”

As a teacher I love using Connetix in the classroom. They are a fantastic tool to work on a whole range of skills.  Obviously, they are great to increase the student’s skills around shape recognition, patterning skills, building and construction skills, and ability to create, name and visualise 2-d and 3-d shapes. However, there are a lot more ways to use them.

We create 100 boards and number lines. We practise our sight words and create crossword puzzles with them. I love how my students are becoming more persistent and are increasing their concentration. They are constantly working on problem solving and hand eye coordination. The biggest change I have seen is their ability to be able to work as a team.

I highly recommend for every school and every class to have a set of tiles to use on a daily basis in their classroom setting.

Lisa – Teacher SSP

“…the children are always creating something amazing.”

Connetix have revolutionised the way our OSHC children create. We went through a slump of only creating towers but now that we have introduced the Connetix Mega Pack and Ball Run, they are using their imagination, designing and creating again.

From houses to amusement parks, castles to waterslides and marble runs on wheels, the children are always creating something amazing. We have had magnet-ic tiles in the past that would crumble under the weight of the children’s creations, leading to frustration from the children as they were never able to achieve the cre-ations they imagined.

Connetix have held up really well, even with giant structures taller than the children. They found the ball run a little tricky to construct as the pieces were very tight but after a week of use they are having no trouble at all.

Shanya – OSHC Coordinator
Methodist Ladies’ College, Perth

“The sky is the limit with Connetix Tiles!”

We love using our Connetix Tiles in the classroom, not only as an amazing STEAM re-source to construct with, but as an important learning tool too.

These open-ended resources can be used to support literacy and numeracy concepts, such as discovering 2D shapes and 3D objects, helping children to learn number facts and sight words and more! They can even be used to create board games, mindfulness mandalas and puzzles!

The sky is the limit with Connetix Tiles!

Rachel – Year 3 Teacher

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